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Filter Media Mix

Air Filters, Inc. offers a wide selection of media: fiberglass, polyester, foam, metal, natural hair, carbon, etc. All are available in 1/2", 1", and 2" thicknesses, in bulk rolls, pre-cut pads, or sheets.


  • the gradient density traps particles of progressively smaller size
  • plain, scrim, or skin backed
  • color identified on air intake side
  • available dry or with "tackified" adhesive coating


  • air laid or garnetted
  • plain or scrim backed
  • color identified air exhaust side
  • dry or tackified
  • weight selection from 3oz. to 12oz. psy

The 2" thick style has two distinct layers of media. The first layer is a coarse open fiber mesh yielding high dust holding capacity. The second layer is a dense mat of finer diameter fibers tightly structured for higher efficiencies. This "dual denier" concept provides the ultimate in filtration.


Dust Trap Activated Charcoal Air Filters

For optimum performance, remember to replace your filters on a regular basis. Its easy with a Service Program from Air filters, Inc.!

Air Filters Service Program

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